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Powering a changing society.

About us

Say hello to Nordion Energi.

Society is facing dramatic changes and climate change is at the heart of it all. As a new group, Nordion Energi has been formed to drive the transition to 100% green energy.

We currently have infrastructure for gas, and more green gas – such as biogas and hydrogen – is therefore at the top of our agenda. But our ambitions go further than that. We are channelling our efforts into creating a sustainable and flexible energy system that is fit for the future where electricity, gas and heat can all play their part.

There is no shortage of renewable energy. The challenge is making it accessible – where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and at a competitive price. And this is where infrastructure is an integral part.

We are embarking on an exciting journey together with our customers and other partners who share our objective - 100% green energy. Welcome to Nordion Energi.

Our operations

A sustainable transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and it is gathering momentum locally and globally. Sweden has made considerable progress although a great deal remains to be done if we are to continue to retain our leading position. Interaction between production systems and energy generation is a vital element in the transition, and the capacity to transmit and store energy flexibly will prove crucial.

We have a key role to play.

Nordion Energi consists of Swedegas and Weum, both of which work with infrastructure and climate-neutral distribution of gas. With its unparalleled flexibility and storage capability, the role of gas in the change currently taking place in Swedish industry, combined with a sustainable energy and transport system, is pivotal. There is considerable support among politicians and in industry for expansion of green gas production. Nordion Energi is responsible for accelerating the shift towards more widespread use of renewable gases.

The group also includes of Falbygdens Energi, which offers electricity network operations in Falköping and the surrounding area. We work actively within the entire group to increase the share of renewable energy in our infrastructure. Together we have more than 40,000 customers, including industrial enterprises, energy companies, commercial properties, and private consumers. But we have the capacity and expertise to do a great deal more. We are beginning to build up an energy group that offers a broader range of sustainable solutions to assure the energy supply of the future.

Read more at Swedegas
Read more at Weum
Read more at Falbygdens Energi


By operating and investing in infrastructure, Nordion Energi has a socially beneficial, capital-intensive, and long-term business. Both operations and investments must respond to high demands and contribute to both a sustainable society and a sustainable working environment. Sustainability is integrated throughout Nordion Energi's operations and concerns all employees.

The report summarises the sustainability work during the last calendar year.

Sustainability Report 2021 (EN) Pdf, 6 MB.

Sustainability Report 2021 (SE) Pdf, 6 MB.

Long-term ownership

Nordion Energi is owned by the European Diversified Infrastructure Fund II (EDIF II), managed by Igneo Infrastructure Partners, part of the First Sentier Investors Group (FSI). FSI is a global investment management company with more than 20 years’ experience of infrastructure investment. EDIF II, whose investors are mainly European pension funds, focuses on long-term investment in European infrastructure companies.



Three major trends are having a transformative impact on every aspect of society – and on the work we do.


Climate transition needs to be brought to a new level. There are already effective energy and distribution networks in place with a reduced climate footprint. What is required are novel forms of interaction between different players in the community to bring new opportunities to fruition.


Production and consumption of energy have changed. Energy management solutions are now more local than national.


Data is the greatest asset of our time. Through digitalisation we are creating new, attractive offers to all our customers.


  • Nordion Energi strengthens with experts focusing on hydrogen infrastructure

    Nordion Energi, which specializes in energy infrastructure, is strengthening its focus on hydrogen infrastructure and signing additional experts in the field – Björn Santana Arvidsson and recently Mox Murugan and Anders Järvelä.
  • New collaborative project to develop offshore hydrogen pipeline infrastructure in the Baltic Sea

    Nordion Energi is a part of the collaboration project Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector (BHC) together with Gasgrid Finland, OX2 and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.
  • Nordion Energi strengthens its focus in hydrogen infrastructure

    Nordion Energi, which specializes in energy infrastructure, is now strengthening its focus in hydrogen infrastructure and signing new employees with extensive experience in green energy transition with a focus on hydrogen – Mox Murugan and Anders Järvelä.
  • Notification of early warning in the western Swedish natural gas system

    On Tuesday June 21st, the Swedish Energy Agency declared an “early warning” for the western Swedish natural gas system.
  • Nordion Energi keeps decreasing greenhouse gas emissions

    Positive results in the sustainability report for 2021.
  • Gasgrid Finland and Nordion Energi have jointly agreed to start investigating the possibilities to cooperate in hydrogen infrastructure and market development in the Bothnian Bay region

    The national gas transmission system operators (TSOs) in Finland and Sweden, Gasgrid Finland and Nordion Energi respectively, have agreed to investigate the possibilities to develop a new hydrogen infrastructure and market in the Bothnian Bay region. The potential demand for hydrogen, primarily used for enabling the transition and expansion of industries in the region, is estimated to be 100 TWh.
  • Need for legislation in order to kickstart build of hydrogen infrastructure as part of reaching climate targets

    Last week, the Gas for Climate consortium publishes its hydrogen legislation paper. This paper groups together the vision of 11 Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) on how EU legislation can help to create a dedicated hydrogen pipeline infrastructure across Europe.
  • Press release: A new report shows that in order to achieve the climate goals, Sweden is facing an extensive expansion of infrastructure for hydrogen

    To cope with the transition of industry and the transport sector, Sweden will need to build a completely new infrastructure for hydrogen. In the report "The role of gas and gas infrastructure in Swedish decarbonisation pathways 2020-2045" which was launched at a webinar in June with Energiforsk, the authors emphasize that this may be one of the largest infrastructure investments Sweden has ever faced.
  • Nordion Energi keeps decreasing greenhouse gas emissions

    Positive results in the sustainability report for 2020.
  • Nordion Energi expand with electricity network in Falköping

    Nordion Energi and Solör have today completed the negotiations regarding Falbygdens Energi.
  • Huge benefits with collaboration around CCS shows prestudy from CinfraCap

    Through collaboration, companies in the Gothenburg region can reach climate targets faster. It will however require multi-billion investments. This is shown by the prestudy that CinfraCap has presented on a joint infrastructure for the transport of liquefied carbon dioxide extracted using CCS technology.
  • Press release: Joint European vision for hydrogen infrastructure connects 21 countries

    Joint European vision for a 39 700 km hydrogen pipeline infrastructure in 21 countries is presented in new report.
  • Solör Bioenergi takes over operations for district heating and fiber network in Falbygdens Energi - Nordion Energi continues to run operations for the electricity network

    In May there will be a change in Falbygdens Energi. Solör Bioenergi will take over the operations for the fiber network and district heating, while Nordion Energi will continue to run operations for the electricity network.
  • Falbygdens Energi becomes part of Nordion Energi

    The energy infrastructure company Nordion Energi has acquired Falbygdens Energi. Together the companies want to continue investing in developing a sustainable and flexible energy system, adapted for the future.
  • Press release: New Gas for Climate policy paper calls for a binding target for 11% renewable gas by 2030

    Gas for Climate advocates in new policy paper, that by 2030, 11% of all gas consumed in the EU should be renewable gas. The envisioned binding target is supported by two sub-targets for 8% sustainable biomethane and 3% renewable hydrogen. The target should be introduced in the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Gas for Climate continues to support EU policy making in 2021 by providing new analysis on hydrogen and biomethane.
  • Addition to proposal from Fossil Free Sweden in regards to the hydrogen gas strategy

    Fossil Free Sweden has today presented a proposal for the hydrogen gas strategy. Nordion Energi's CEO Hans Kreisel has participated in this work.
  • Pressmeddelande: Så ska infångad koldioxid tas om hand i Västsverige

    Vilket är det smartaste sättet att transportera infångad koldioxid från anläggning till kajkant? För att finna svaret har fem stora energiaktörer i Västsverige gått ihop i projektet CinfraCap. I maj startade en förstudie för att ta reda på om det finns en gemensam lösning till en effektiv och hållbar infrastruktur för infångad koldioxid. Nu råder det full aktivitet vid ritbord och ute i hamnen när projektets förstudie nått halvvägs i mål.
  • Press release: New report provides unique overview on latest developments in renewable and low-carbon gases. Industry is ready for scale-up.

    A new report published by the Gas for Climate consortium launched today. This market state and trends report provides a unique review of current biomethane and green and blue hydrogen markets in Europe. The report, developed by Guidehouse, describes key market trends and highlights leading project examples.
  • Press release: Nordion Energi moves closer to the aim of 100% green energy by joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

    As part of its commitment to a sustainable society, Nordion Energi is now part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an initiative by the European Commission that aims to drive the implementation of EU's hydrogen strategy. Hydrogen is crucial in the transformation of the energy system and will enable many sectors to achieve their climate goals.
  • Pressmeddelande: Gasbarometern visar fortsatt stabil ökning av andelen biogas i stamnätet

    Efter flera år av stadig ökning av andelen biogas i det svenska stamnätet för gas är det första halvåret 2020 inget undantag. Andelen uppgår till 28,6% och är en positiv utveckling jämfört med 2019 års mätning (23,4% över året).
  • Press release: Hans Kreisel, CEO at Nordion Energi, joins the Electrification Commission – an initiative from the Swedish government to accelerate the energy transition

    In connection to the launch of the Electrification Commission, the Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth declared hydrogen is vital in the electrification of heavy road transport, shipping and aviation. This is a key reason to Hans Kreisel being invited to actively take part in the Commission’s work as it aims to accelerate the transition of the transport sector.


Contributing to Sweden’s energy transition.

Energy of the future.

Renewable energy is definitely not in short supply – in fact it is infinite. The challenge is to make it available where it is needed, when it is needed, and at a competitive price.

Access to green gas in Sweden must increase. Biogas is the green gas that is in greatest demand and there is a growing need for access to biogas. One way to achieve this is to help biogas producers reach out a larger market by connecting biogas plants to the gas transmission network for storage and transport. This would allow large-scale biogas production to become firmly established, and both heavy transport and shipping would have ready access to renewable fuel. Through investment in liquefied biogas (LBG) we can facilitate the advances that are being made in shipping. We are also working to increase the availability of renewable hydrogen gas, which is an essential source of power as heavy industry endeavours to transform its energy base.


Linking energy systems.

To handle the transition, increased integration of the electricity, gas and heating systems – known as sector coupling – is required. Through greater collaboration with other bodies and the expansion of sector coupling, we will increase the total volume of renewable energy, ensuring security of supply for the foreseeable future.

Ground-breaking technology is available, e.g. Power to Gas, which makes use of surplus energy from weather-dependent energy sources, such as wind power. This energy can then be stored and transported in the gas transmission network.

By making full use of our knowledge and a climate-neutral infrastructure for the transport and storage of gas, we are taking our share of the responsibility for achieving national and global climate goals.

This is what we can do for you already.


Companies, municipal authorities, and energy companies

Companies use gas as a highly efficient fuel and as a raw material in manufacturing processes. Gas is also used to heat properties, to power vehicles, and to provide heating and act as a carbon dioxide source in greenhouse-based cultivation. It helps professional chefs and restaurant kitchens to create the best for their guests. Ships bunker liquefied gas as fuel. All this is already on offer.

Sometimes gas needs to be supplied at high pressure. We can also arrange this.

And you can always request biogas from your gas provider.

For you as a private consumer

Heat with gas or cook like a professional? You can do both. We can supply gas safely to your home in underground pipelines. No orders to keep track of, no storage, and no transport. As a private consumer we help you all the way – from connecting the gas to servicing your facility. We are on hand when you need us. You can request biogas, which is renewable, from your gas provider.


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